Bangladesh Garments Factory

Bangladesh Garments Factory

Every country has various sources of obtaining income to help the economy. For this reason, Bangladesh also has a wide selection of earning revenue. Garment factory is one of them. The garment industry is considered a great source of earning for the people of Bangladesh. In fact, statistics show that 1/3 of the national income of Bangladesh is derived from the revenues earned from garment production. It plays an important role in the impressive progress of the national income of Bangladesh.

The garment and textile products are major contributors to the fast developing economy of the country. The principal source of foreign exchange mainly depends on the exportation of garments and textile products. Bangladesh earned a large income in 2002 mainly from the export of textile products. Most women in Bangladesh are engaged in the garments sector. It is a great way for Bangladeshi women to involve them in a career.

Bangladesh is the second largest exporter of textile products in the western world. About sixty percent of the buyers are European and forty percent are American .A few of the buyers are from other countries.

Bangladesh’s textile industry has been a part of the business mission initial debate. Bangladesh is encouraged by other foreign countries; it is why the demand for their garments is increasing daily. As a result, the demands of textile products in the Western Country are enhancing their day to day life.

After 1974, Bangladesh had started to export textile products in the foreign country. The demands for best quality and textile products were increasing day by day. For this reason, the garment factories used different systems to satisfy the need of their clients. To justify the best quality of Bangladesh textile products, North America ensured that trade in textile and garments remain the most regulated and pass the quality product standards in the world.

To help promote the Bangladesh textile internationally, many clients of the world are encouraged to buy their textile products. The clients only want ready-made products. It is for this reason why the textile’s products are manufactured increasingly at present. Many entrepreneurs come to Bangladesh to offer deals with companies for their demand of ready-made textile products and how to raise their world class quality.

The garments company earns a lot of profit. But they do not give a proper salary to the employee. The total production of a company is mainly dependent on the input of the employee. The garment factory employee works hard but they do not get a proper compensation for the work they render. As a result, the employers are faced with different problems like failing to meet project deadlines and work quota. The employee cannot be productive when the salary is not enough. The owner usually takes proper steps to meet the demands of the employee for they are the chief assets of the garment company.

Not only the owner but also the government must take the appropriate measures to increase the basic salary of the employee. The economic improvement mainly depended on the employees’ performance. The salary of a garment factory employee in Bangladesh is cheaper than any other country’s salary. They should be commended for their dedication and hard work despite the low salary.