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Bangladesh wholesale clothing has able to proved that the opinion of infamous Henry Kisinjar against Bangladesh was totally false. In a short period of time the wholesale clothing Bangladesh has gained huge popularity through out all the well known brand as an attractive destination.

But some peoples of Bangladesh has spreading hopeless opinion about this huge potential sector without having any right information. They have to keep in mind that the ability of clothing sector in Bangladesh has created by young industry entrepreneurs. From 1980 to yet this number of Young industry entrepreneurs are 2500-3500. Among all of these brave young industry entrepreneurs most of them were employed. Today they are respected and competitive entrepreneurship. Not just at the level of domestic competition, with countries in the international context, top clothing Industry Strong Contender contest revealed. Where Bangladesh apparel industry got this competitive powers, it needs to be examined. International adviser organization Mckinsey (2011) was stated in a research of them that Republic of Chin has been losing their popularity in the world and on the other hand for wholesale clothing as a hot sourcing spot Bangladesh has getting their place to the highest level. Nowadays it is true that in the market of worldwide Bangladesh wholesale clothing industry expand 13% GPP and playing a vital role in the whole export earning of 75%. In the next 5 years as a wholesale clothing services provider the ratings of Bangladesh is (89), Vietnam (6), Indonesia (41) and Kambodiya (37).

In the middle of the mid-term middle level brand of USA will also increase their purchasing from their present purchasing rate 13% to 25% from Bangladesh. 63% of survey respondents said they are also participating in the purchase of a relatively complex, sophisticated dress to buy from Bangladesh.
Challenges for For Bangladesh wholesale clothing
1. For Bangladesh wholesale clothing most vital challenge is infrastructures, utilities, road network and port facility.
2. Our wholesale clothing has enough work ability and enough workers and these amount is really great than any other competitive country.
3. Political instability
4. Should need to eliminate the gab with China. In terms of Chines apparel industry productivity power position of India is (92%), Pakistan (88%), Bangladesh (77%) and Kombodia (68%). In a research we can see that in the middle of next 5 years China will loss 29 largest organization.Among them 55% has said they will dis crease their invest, 17% said they will surely dis crease, 21% said they will not change their present invest and only 7% said they will increase their orders. So if it will then where will be the next destination to get all the withdrawal of supply and here is a good news. In this list of next destination Bangladesh has listed.

In this report another thing is very noticeable and that is after happening tragic events of Tajrin, Rana Plaza and political instability Bangladesh Bangladesh wholesale clothing is able to keep their position in the middle of top 3.
Whole world is astonished to see the tragic event of Tajrin, Rana Plaza, Standard Garments. International media and the local media has created a stir. For all of these accident if we only gives claim to the owner of these organization then we will do wrong. We have to investigate entire things. Also need to call all the Audit company like SGS and others organization. Those are doing auditing work from last 30 years and showing false information. Bank and financial organizations are also responsible. It was necessary to investigate proper security system before giving them loan. In this sector they was showd wrong steps. Also need to call Labor Department, Factory Inspector to the court. Govt of Bangladesh should take necessary steps as early as possible to save this potential clothing sector of Bangladesh.