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BDWEAR, One of the Best Garment Manufacturers in Bangladesh

By walking a little bit and little bit today the garments industry of Bangladesh has reached a long distance. Garments industry of Bangladesh achieved major part of foreign currency, they have provided job opportunity to millions of unemployment people, Fasted and hungry people has got their living source, poor family has recovered their situation, and Job maid has got the value of labor. Garments industry of Bangladesh has played a vital role to make familiar our country worldwide, take our country in a higher level position. Our garments industry is a vital sector in our national economy. This sector has earned foreign currency more than 86% and also giving the chance to employment for more than 1.5 million people. There are more than 4500 garments industry and more than 1000 buying house in Bangladesh. But Bangladesh needs more skilled workers for improving garments sector. To recognize all with BDWEAR, this is our shortest efforts.


BDWEAR has been established in Bangladesh as a leading garments industry in 2006 for the purpose of making familiar and reputable our country broadly in world market by keeping good and quality products and the best combination of functionality. BDWEAR is a familiar name of family clothing sector for their correct style, delivery on right time and competitive pricing. BDWEAR is one the oldest and leading garments factory and one of the best members of Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA).

BDWEAR has located 1/A, Shahid Sangbadik Selina Parveen Sarak (New Circular Road, Malibagh), Capital City of Bangladesh (Dhaka-1217) and this place is just 20 minutes far from the capital point of Dhaka. In this industry there are advanced and modern technological instruments whose are imported from Japan, East Germany, Korea and Singapore.


To give highest valued services BDWEAR is determined. For giving premium services to clients a well skilled and experienced professional has been working on BDAWEAR factory. There are a well and skilled quality maintain team in factory whose are taking great care on different part of producing goods and by their take care they ensure the highest quality of production and products.

From the beginning period of time this organization was totally against child labor. After a long time, but it has now become one of the main issues in Bangladesh. The Government of Bangladesh has stopped child labor by implementing law. It is really a good side (Think the managing director of BDWEAR)

By keeping similarity with other garments factory in the world, BDWEAR always develop their machineries, technology, manufacturing process, safety and social responsibility.

BDWEAR arrange different types of social events to give their all workers entertainment. Yearly awards, yearly Picnic, celebration of New Year, celebration of Phahela Boishakh, child education events for all the children of workers and etc.

BDWEAR is a 100% garment export company and have a vast amount of worldwide client. From the time of beginning yet BDWEAR has been handling very reputedly all the deals with most popular brand and company like Wall-Mart, PVH, Target, Next, SanMar, Ash city, Serious etc. BDWEAR always obtain all the rules of buyer cord of contract like social, technical, AFCCA and C-TAPT (Safe Audit).

BDWEAR always obtain all the relevant statutes, environment laws of Bangladesh. They always use advance methods to reduce the adverse efforts of chemicals on environment and to keep the balance of environment.

BDWEAR is always aware to keep their product quality well as well as to keep their all workers a safe and to give them habitable environment. This organization always ensure healthy and safe working place for their workers. By ensuring the law of environment of Bangladesh Government they keep their well standard and high quality manufacturing process.


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