How to Find Best Clothing Manufacturers

How to Find Best Clothing Manufacturers

One of the industries that will keep on booming and growing is the garment industry. Clothing is one of the basic needs of man and everyday, the need for these items grow. Fashion trends keep the garment factories busy as new styles are mass produced to fill the growing demand. Apparently, the clothing industry can be one of the strongest and most stable business to engage in and best clothing manufacturers will never be lacking in terms of clients.
If you are contemplating on starting a garment business or clothing line of your own, one of the most important things that you must do first is to find the best clothing manufacturer to be your supplier. There are many makers of garment out there but

start hunting for a company that can supply you with products for your intended business, it is necessary to decide first what specifically our business will sell. Here are some of the questions that you must answer first in order to find the most suitable garment factory to supply you with the clothing line that you want to sell.

Caution must be taken when choosing the best clothing manufacturers who can be your business partner for life. Inconsistency especially in product quality is not good for business. Your customers must grow to trust you and this can only happen if you provide them with high quality merchandise every time they purchase from you. Getting the trust of your clients and building your company brand will take years and you need a supplier who can sustain your demands throughout those critical years.

So how exactly are you going to find the best clothing manufacturer for your business? Here are some steps that you must take before finding a supplier. Decide on the kind of clothing that you want to produce.

Are you planning to sell denim jeans, simple printed t-shirts, suits, jackets, or jerseys? You have to initially decide on this so that you will be able to select the clothing manufacturer that will be perfect for your business.
By setting your mind regarding the kind of garments that you want to produce, you will also be able to significantly narrow down your search for clothing manufacturers. Mostly, facilities are classified according to the sorts of industrial machines which are used in order to stitch the garments. Find the one which has the equipment capable of producing high-quality products suitable for your business.

By deciding on what kinds of garment to sell, you can easily narrow down your choices by finding possible suppliers that specialize in making the items that you want to sell.

• Conduct a diligent search for reputable clothing manufacturers that fit your requirement.

Now that you have determined the specific kind of garments you want to sell, you can now start searching for manufacturers that make them.

The internet is a good place for you to start your search. Deciding from what country you want to find a manufacturer will be of great help. If you are looking for affordable products, you can start checking manufacturers that are based in Vietnam, Thailand, or Bangladesh. Because of the low labor costs in these countries, you can easily find suppliers who will offer you very competitive wholesale prices.

Asking for ideas from your friends or acquaintances who are already having the same business will save you time and they might be able to introduce you to the manufacturers directly. You may also want to try other sources such as magazines, tradeshows to gain more information about reputable clothing manufacturers.

Next, make a list out of the manufacturers that you consider excellent candidates to become your supplier. Obtain their contact details, especially the person you must talk to. If they have a web site, it will be easy for you to send them an email or to call them if they can be contacted by phone.

• Contact the clothing manufacturers on your list and communicate with them your desire to make them your supplier. If they show interest, you can start the negotiation.

At this point, you may want to send drawings, some research, fabric swatches or any plans that you have for your business’ products. Ask the manufacturer to check the drawings and have them inform you if your plans are something which they can efficiently deliver to you.

Here is some of the important basic information that you may want to ask the manufacturers

– Are they still available to cater to new customers?
– What particular types of products do they make?
– What specific services do they offer? Do they provide other services such as pattern making and grading?
– What is the minimum or maximum amount of products that they can produce in a single order?
– What is their product pricing?
– What are their terms and conditions?

If somehow, you are contented with the manufacturer’s answers to those questions

These are just some of the basic steps you may want to make when trying to find the best clothing manufacturer for your business. Aside from the ones mentioned above, you may want to visit the manufacturing factory to see for your self their products and to check whether they have the manpower and facilities to meet your demand at all times.