How to Wear Skinny Jeans

The skinny jean may have started off to seem like it was only going to be some fad, however it is quite clear that it is a fashion trend that is here for the long run. It is very important to know how to properly rock this look so you are keeping up with the latest and greatest trends. If you want to learn about how to wear your skinny jeans during the day, dress them up for night, or just make them flatter your figure, all you need to do is follow some very easy steps.

With everything you have to start somewhere and your beginning is simply picking your skinny jeans. You will want to choose your color. Bright jeans or jeans with loud patterns will bring a whole lot more attention to your legs and outfit, so you should only be wearing those ones if you desire a more fun look. However if you want the skinny jeans to actually make you look skinnier then you will want to pick a dark solid color. If you are worried about your backside you should also know that stitching and large pockets across the seat of the jeans will make your butt look smaller.

Once you have figured out which skinny jeans you will want to consider a few different things. If you have the right body you want to accentuate your hourglass figure. If you have that hourglass figure, where your waist is smaller than your bust and hips, you will want to wear skinny jeans in order to draw attention to your small waist. You will also want to put some focus on your legs in order to balance out your full hips. For this particular style you cannot go wrong with accessorizing with a belt that cinches a shirt at the waist, a fitted blazer, or trying out boots that hit midway or higher up your calves.

If you have a triangle or pear shape, which means your shoulders and much are much narrower than your hips, skinny jeans will make your large hips look even bigger. So you will want to wear accessories that will draw attention away from your hips You can try a few different things such as wearing a longer and patterned shirt that will cover the widest part of your hips and backside. You can wear boots that hit midway or higher up your calves. You can also try out a shrug that ends just above your waist or even use a big scarf.

No matter your size or your shape there is surely a way for you to properly rock those skinny jeans and look incredibly good doing so. From wearing them to work or just wearing them out for play on a night out you will find that there are numerous ways in which you can accentuate your particular body style so you are turning all the guy’s heads as you walk by. Skinny jeans may have seemed like something that would pass by however as you can see it will become a staple in your wardrobe.