Men’s Outerwear Manufacturer

Get Men’s Outerwear from top wholesale supplier and manufacturer for garments and Apparels from Bangladesh. The Westics Limited in Bangladesh is one of the finest manufacturer of apparel and textiles. With 25 wholly owned factories, we employ 9000 operatives in Bangladesh.

Flexible Outwear Solutions: BD Wear’ blueprint and bit of attire advancement expertise is basically the initial foundation of the best things this apparel organization can offer. Our arrangement strategies are composed to perform great value for your hard-earned money and a snappy turnaround. We have down to earth encounter in intricate advancement techniques and finishing procedures that offers drop linings, fabric washing, and shade control to achieve your brand’s ultimate image.

Our overall sourcing business districts and manufacturing plants are programmed to pass on collections quickly, in a savvy manner, and sticking to your particular point of interest. A responsive arrangement of activity can send bespoke outcomes at any period of the stock system, whether you need to source an alternate aggregate trim or search for a complete organization from blueprint thought up to the actual shopping place.

Taking care of Consumer Demands,
Cool men’s puff's, stylish bombers,
Harrington’s and covers,
Jacket layers and trench outlines,
Proficient completions from chill wash off to material color coloring
Water- safe drop linings Fabrics, trims and adornments that follows the agreed quality measures

Market driven framework, the artistic use of avaunt-grade fabric advancements and stringent testing from prototyping to last shipment accommodate you a completion item with assurance in the quality and execution of your outwear items. The impact is brand conviction your customers can rely on at each one worth point.