Overview Of Garments Manufacturers In Bangladesh

Garment Manufacturer of Bangladesh is the key part and a vital source of earrings foreign currency since last 30 years. Nowadays, Bangladesh produces more than $5 billion worth of goods in every year by the assist of exporting garments products. About 3 million staff are working under garments industry and among them almost 90% are women. There are two division in this garment sector of Bangladesh and among them one is quotas under MFA in the market of north American and another one is European Markets.

Nowadays you can see that entire world economy has been controlling by the assist of production transfer and all the manufacturing company are giving attention to all the developing countries. Due to costs reducing and also for output increasing are the main reasons for disposition. They have invented that the easiest methods to undercharge is to move manufacturer to a country where staff costs and manufacturing costs are totally low. By transferring of manufacturer to 3rd world has assisted the growth or financial of these nations as well as also increase up the financially of the developed countries.

Garment manufacturer company has always controlled by the transfer of manufacture. Explosion of garment manufacturer was started earlier and has spread up more than any other companies. Developing of communication system and transporting way has been playing a vital role in this growth. From 1980s China was the leader of in this sector of garments manufacturer and clothing export.

According to analysis it has seen that the trend of low staff costs is the main reason for the move of garment manufacturing in Bangladesh. From 1970s this practice started while the Asian countries were in mission to avoid all the deals with Western Countries. For this cause Western Countries has started to move towards Bangladesh and they found Bangladesh Garment industries well for them.

Desh Company, Korean company, Daewoo company and so many private company has played a vital role by making partnership of garment industry in Bangladesh. Bangladesh found the scope to export without any restriction and that’s why Daewoo company was thought to use Bangladesh to their targeted market. By this way Bangladesh has started importing raw materials and Daeweoo would get the scope of Bangladesh market.

From now to yet Bangladesh staying on their platform with well reputation and day by day has gaining popularity all over the world. The Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) has been trying to keep this sector out of violence and well organized. They are trying to provide well facilities to all the staffs whose are working under this garment industries.

Due to high quality of products, delivery before deadline, low costs then any other countries and so on Bangladesh clothing manufacturer companies are popular through worldwide. By this sector a vital part of foreign currency has earn Bangladesh. But it is a matter of great sadness that staffs of this sectors are not safe there. Frequently a huge number of workers died there due to fire, building destroyed and so many things. If workers will lost their lives in this way day by day then this huge popular sector will be in thread of destroy totally.

So it is very much vital to ensure safety of the workers whose are working under garments sector and focusing us on the entire world through their good works and hard labor.