Rigid Clothing Sector In Bangladesh

At first Tajrin and then Rana Plaza; two major collisions has been occurred in the industry of Bangladesh Garments. Around the year gained momentum in Europe ‘Clean Cloth’ movement. Bangladesh garment sectors were the headline of all international newspaper. After the clothing sector could not actually suppressed. In the first half of the current fiscal year 2013-14 percent export sector revenues increased by about 20%.

Whatever the Criticism, Europe – America Buyer institutions could not be excluded clothes from Bangladesh. The proof is of 21 percent growth in apparel exports to the European countries. In fact, USA has paused the GSP facilities of Bangladesh but after that our clothing sector exports remained. Growth was 13.25%. On the other hand very dramatically increasing our clothes exports to many many new markets. Outside of old market our clothes exporting income has increased 37.27% from new 11 countries.

But it is also true that income of export is well but economical condition of clothing sector is not well. In the last couple of months clothing sectors has given extra cost to export their products for keeping commitment. However, export earnings over the next few months, so there will not be growth.

Bangladesh Export Promotion Bureau ( EPB ), the export earnings of the last six months from July to December figures have revealed . The statistical analysis of the country’s clothing exports of garment exporters association BGMEA has made a calculation. As can be seen in Europe and America has been in excess of the apparel sector exports to new markets. 2012 -13 during July – December period from July to December last six months ‘ non – traditional markets apparel exports from the 37% new markets . This increasing rate is more than previous year. In the fiscal year of 2012-2013 the growth of new market was 28.75%.

Australia, Brazil, Chili, China, India, Japan, Republic of Korea, Mexico, Russia, South Africa and Turkey are considered as a new market. Among these 11 countries Australia, China, Japan and Turkey are considered best market for export and earn foreign currency. In the last six month almost 80.86 Million dollar valued clothes has been exported. Growth was almost 37%. In Turkey there are exported almost $33.47 million valued clothes and growth was 106.57%.

Europe is one of the biggest markets of Bangladesh clothing. In the following six months there are almost $705 million valued clothes has been exported. Growth was 21.10%. In USA there are almost $258 million valued clothes has been exported and growth was 13.25%. Nearly one billion dollars a year in Canada as a single country Bangladesh garment exports. In the last month there were exported almost $50 million valued clothes. But growth was not so well. On that country exporting of Bangladeshis clothes increased only 4.13%. In all almost one thousand 193 million and 22 Lakh Dollar valued clothes has exported in last 6 months as well as the total income from clothing export in the new market has increased. As a result Bangladesh can able to reduce the dependability on USA market. It’s a hope that 11.47% has been coming now from new market of cloth export.

So we can hope that in the near future our garments industry will able to bring more effective result for us.