The Contribution of Garments in Bangladesh

Especially Bangladesh is known as an agriculture country. Along with agriculture, garment has become a most significant change all kinds of sectors in Bangladesh for doing many kinds of creative activities. After liberation of Bangladesh, in the sphere of agriculture many kinds of activities are arranged as a result of changing the condition of garments. Bangladesh has achieved name and fame throughout the world as a result of exporting many kinds of garment’s products. Not only garment increase the name and fame but also changed many kinds of sectors which are contributed to any kinds of development of Bangladesh. Generally, the article is written about the contribution of garments of Bangladesh.

Especially, garments are involved them as a result of making many kinds of ready made dresses. In the spheres of making ready made dresses, they are used many of ways. As a result of making ready made dresses, they are used many of materials which are considered cheaper than other country. For the spreading name and fame of garment of Bangladesh is about the low cost. As a result of this cause, it has earned remarkable change in the sphere of economic condition. Bangladesh has earned reputation for exporting ready made dresses. In the sphere of exporting RMG, it has called the second largest RMG country in the world.

There has been changed on many kinds of sectors which are greatly changed by garments. In the sphere of creating employment, garment has been playing vital role since liberation of Bangladesh. From the statistics of Bangladesh, you can be seen that about 90% of women of Bangladesh had been suffered from unemployment since inventing garments. For the blessing of garments, this curse has already reduced by creating lots of facilities about employment.

As a result of spreading name and fame, Bangladesh is exported many of ready made dresses into two countries which are considered the best economical market for Bangladesh. Two countries are played vital role to change the economical condition in strongly. For example those kinds of countries such as North American and EU are considered the best markets of exporting ready made garments products.

There are many of reasons which have been helped Bangladesh as a result of increasing name and fame throughout the world. Now I am going to describe about some kinds of reasons and those kinds of reasons may be as –

*By justifying the pay of labor with other countries of the world, Bangladesh is the cheapest country of the world. From a statistics of USA, you can be seen that the there is labor cost about $10.12 and in Bangladesh, you can be seen that it has paid labor cost about $0.30 per hour. For this reason, it has become more favorable throughout the world.

*There are many kinds of reasons such as low cost of energy and fuel, FDI several facilities, duty free from EU, easy of transporting, bank interests and some kinds of facilities.

By above all means, for the blessing of garments, there is possibility for introduced Bangladesh as a developed country throughout the world. This is only possible when the government will be given best attention as a result of developing all kinds of sectors of garments. Only a way that is garment can be played vital role to introduce Bangladesh as a developed country in the world.