The Largest Clothing Exporter in Bangladesh (BD Wear)

After the collapse of a building that housed several garment factories in Bangladesh killing around 1,000 workers, Bangladesh still remains the leading clothing exporter, remaining ahead of India. A report published in “TheTimes of India” in its 19 January 2014 issue reported that the collapse and burning of the Crescent Building did not affect the garment exporting industry of Bangladesh and it remains ahead of India in this sector. In fact, in January 2013 to October 2013, India’s export to America increased by 6.3% which is equivalent to around $320 million. On the other hand, exported garments from Bangladesh to America increased by 11.4% which is equivalent to $490 million.

Chief Manager of Exim Bank has told the government news agency PTI that this was due to the old data used to analyze the last export and import information to America. Clothing exporter Bangladesh has given much importance into this sector and has made some changes on their policy. That report has shown that in 2005 almost 68 million dollar worth of clothing has been exported but in 2012 this rate increased to almost 1990 million dollars. The average growth rate of Bangladesh in this time was 16.6 percent while exporting rate of India was 870 million dollars and it was increased to almost 1380 million dollars.

According to the study, the increase in Bangladesh exports was made possible by the uninterrupted power supply which was available in the Chittagong Sea Port. It was stated that, due to the collapse of the building in 2013 export rate has decreases and growth rate was only 3 percent. But in the middle of the next month, the growth rate was up to 41 percent.

Last 16 February, U.S. Ambassador in Dhaka gave his opinion that Bangladesh will be the largest exporter of garments in the world. The U.S. Ambassador said that the climate of Bangladesh is so good and it is possible to grow crops here three times in a year. There are enough natural gas sources and different minerals that can support the industry.

He said, “I visited various places of the world. Among them Bangladesh is the best and I’ve been saying it from the deepest part of my heart. Here, people are good, industrious and the best. He also said, “I can see Bangladesh will be the number one clothing exporter in the world as well as it will be able to export medicine, shrimp, fish and other many products and it will always have enough food for its people.

He further stated, “Bangladesh has huge population; after all they are going to be the next economic tiger in Asia”.
According to all of the above report, analysis and opinion, it is very clear that the future of clothing exporter Bangladesh is bright but in order to keep this brightness and to reach the desired destination, we all have to work together. Particularly the government of Bangladesh should take more necessary and vital steps to make this sector more secure.

To make this sector of clothing exporter Bangladesh continue to grow, BDWEAR (One of the largest clothing exporter in Bangladesh) has been playing a very vital role from 2008. Its main aim is to make the name of this country glorified throughout the world.

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