Various Kinds of Problems In Garments Worker of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is going to a developing country by doing her various kinds of activities those are useful for us. Garment is one of those kinds of developing activities that is contributed to improve our economic condition. Garments are organized various ways of works that are helpful to the man who are unemployed. So, most of our unemployed person involved themselves as a garments worker. But it is a matter of regret that they cannot get proper rights. Now let me describe about some hindrance of our garments workers.       

Low wages: Garments workers of Bangladesh are faced many kinds of problems during their duty times. Low wage is one of them. This work is very hard working. But owner of a garments factory is not given them a proper wage. They work in a factory in a long time and doing long shifts into garments factory. Because of shortage of salary they cannot fully livelihood their own life. There are much difference between Bangladesh and other countries the wage of a garments worker. So, our government has to take some steps to get a proper wage to the worker of a garment.

No leisure time: Leisure is a thing that is used for a long term works. Without it man cannot feet better for a long tiring work. It is matter of sorrow that most of the garments of Bangladesh are not giving any leisure time among the worker. That is why most of garments workers are faced with this problem. As a result they cannot get their basic and so we fall behind. They cannot lead a happy life for the results of facing this problem.

Torture: Torture is one of the greatest problems of different kinds of problems that are containing in garments sectors of Bangladesh. Most owners of garments of Bangladesh are humanly tortured in our garments workers. For any kind of small wrong the owner of a garments are tortured in healthy and mentally. If garments worker opposes their torture, they (owner) will find out various ways how to deprive of their (workers) basic needs. It is pre-condition that they are the builder of a nation. So, the owner of garments must be changed their attitude to the worker unless they (owner) fall behind.

Negative outlook to them of the society: The development of a country is mainly depending on a aware society. An aware society can be best honor to the industries people. They believed that industries people can be bore succeed to a nation. Without them no nation can be succeed. They play a vital role to build up a nation. But it is a matter of sorrow that most of people of Bangladesh are reminded that the industries people are low classes people. They are ignored by high classes’ people. If you do not get them their proper rights, you will not be able to develop our country.

By all means, Garments worker of Bangladesh are contributed to earn a lot of foreign by doing their best work. So, every should take hand in hand promise that we keep them their best respect and honor for their hard working.