What Contribution of Garments in Employment in Bangladesh

Employment means that a man or woman is involved anywhere which is helped anyone to maintain one’s life. In every country of the world has a lot of ways to involve many kinds of people to livelihood their life. Like others country, Bangladesh also has a lot of ways to involve oneself to livelihood life. Garments sector is one of the best ways those any kinds of ways in Bangladesh. Now let me describe about the contribution of garments on employment in Bangladesh and following as:

Unemployment is a curse for any kinds of countries of the world. It cannot bear any kinds of improvement through a country. A lot of employment ways are prevailing in Bangladesh. From there, Garments is a greatest source for any kinds of people to involve those who are unemployment. For those are unemployment people for getting a lot of opportunities, garments sector has created a lot of ways which are helped a man or woman to live a better life.


In Bangladesh statistics, most of people of Bangladesh are unemployment. For this reason, the can deprive of many kinds of opportunities which are very essential for every unemployment. They cannot get a lot of opportunities such as education, medical care and so on. For this consideration, garments sector has created a lot of employments that are very great for unemployment people who are facing a lot of problems. By involving themselves those unemployment people are reducing their poverty. As a result of garments, the poverty of Bangladesh is decreasing day by day that is a great earn for a nation.

Garments not only created employments facilities for unemployment people but also helps to lead a better life to in ones whole lire. The garment consists of many kinds of employment. For this they appointed a lot of employer to maintain those kinds of works. Many kinds of boys and girls are also involved themselves into garments as employer. The garments sector has given a better salary to all kinds of employer who are involved themselves into garments.

Besides, by creating a lot of employment for unemployment people garments also helps the government of Bangladesh. Because of shortage of government employment, garments sector has created those kinds of facilities. It also helps the improvement of economical condition of Bangladesh. Most of foreign exchange of Bangladesh are come from by the helping of garments by exchanging a lot of products of its. For this way, Bangladesh can be able to spread name and fame throughout the world that is a great achievement for Bangladesh.

In above all, by creating a lot of ways those are helping many kinds of unemployment people garment plays a crucial role to reduce the unemployment of Bangladesh. By involving there a lot of unemployment people can be able to lead a better and happiness life that is bear peach a man or woman. By reducing the unemployment of Bangladesh, it is contributed to improve the strong economical country throughout the World.