Working On Bangladesh Garment Industry Security Improvement

After visiting several garments factory in Bangladesh, Accord-the international buyer and trade union community has found some bug among in such factories for safety.

Accord report says on top ten factories that besides Structural Error these factories are having problem for fire safety and so many problems.

For solving in such problem, they have given time to all the factories for 3-6 months.

In last year, after happening the building collapse of Rana Plaza in the month of April, this community visited almost 80 factories yet.
Accord has announced 10 clothing factories name on their reports and they have marked all problems of building structure, fire and electrical safety for each of the factories as well as they advised to solve the problems.
Brad Leone The chief safety investigator of Accord has highlighted the contents of the inspection report in a press conference.

He said, “They have been identified error and thread by monitoring the infrastructure of the building, fire and electrical safety and security and for each factories they have made three different reports and in total 30 reports they have made. Most of the factories have same kinds of error. Every factories building have structure problem. There are more instruments and products than the ability of factories building. The connection of electric cables are also not safe. There are not any fire alarm. The stair that is using for quick getting out is not enough wide. Even after, some factories don’t have fire door”

In according to the problems on highlighted report and to solve the problems whatever steps have recommended will be get 3-6 months to solve in according to the vitality. But Brad Leone said that “this time frame can be reduce or increase by discussing with the owner of that factories”.

But accord said to solve these problems very quickly.

The Executive director Rob Wage said about all the factories that are having under the danger safety in a press conference that “All the expense to solve these problems have to arrange by the owners”
“Problem-solving, building renovation or relocation expenses will be borne primarily by the owners”

“If any factories need to close due to lacking of safety then all the workers will be paid their monthly salary by the owner of that factory. But if in case the owner party will not able to take the responsibility then accord will help in according to discussion”

Accord is working for the Bangladesh workers working environment and safety issue.

Due to building collapse of Rana Plaza, Accord has made a deal on 13 may, 2013 for the development of Bangladesh garments factories and fire and electrical safety. After that, they have taken so many steps.

Yet, Accord has visited all the risky factories that are situated up to the five floors in the Dhaka and Chittagong city. In the middle of next August, 2014 they will be visited at least 1500 factories.