How to be A Successful Buying Agent in Bangladesh?

How to be A Successful Buying Agent in Bangladesh?

In this world most of the country has huge demand for clothes. We have 5 basic needs and among them clothes are on 2nd place. Bangladesh is now staying a vital and popular platform in this sector of clothing industry. Clothing is very essential after foods. At present our main export earning comes from clothing industry. With this sector a lot of people are involves. There are two categories in the clothing industry, 1. Garment factory 2. Buying House. The main work of buying house is to get order from foreign importer by getting commission and give the orders to our factories to fulfill the order in the specific time period and return to the importers. In today we are going to introduce that how to be successful in buying agent in Bangladesh.

The most vital issue is to maintain good timing and follow-up. If can able to follow these two side then buying business will never be died and will be able to develop very easily because timing and follow-up the more important than whatever amount of money will be invested there. If we can keep these with commitment then success will come for sure.

In this sector commitment is also a vital issue. If we can keep commitment with people, our buyer then they will never leave us. Never tell lie in this sector. Office management is also so vital and this issue should handle by the owner. Should be more industrious. If anyone will to work with foreign person then it will be effective if he/she can learn their language and tradition.

If any new people want to start this business then there is a necessary to contain some previous experiences. He must know what will be the net cost. In a business language it is called merchandising. If anyone think he will work to keep an expert merchandiser then it is wrong. If you don’t know the right thing then never will able to catch up the wrong of others. For knowing it there are some courses and if anyone will do these course then he/she will able to find out all the cost of clothing and will able to do this business sound profitably.

Another vital thing to be a successful buying businessman is staying honest. If you have enough support of money then success can be easily gain and with this you have to keep commitment, working hard and follow-up. Should behave well with workers and if they will do wrong then you should teach them that how to do in a right way. You should keep in mind that all of the workers in your organization are really vital for you.

Workers are the life of any organization and that’s why you have to provide them maximum number of facilities besides salary.

Those people are willing to do job in buying house then they should know some idea about garments and buying house. When begin the work should complete each day work on each day. Also should keep ability to give the solution for any task.

In our country there is so much demand on home textiles.

Garments industry is the best and bright future in our country. In near future this sector will be more steps forward and will be earning source of so many people. That’s why need to make stronger of it. Only some steps of Government can take this industry far more ahead and also need to provide electric power supply continuously as well as need to produce right amount and quality yarn.

To open a buying house you should know rules as below:

Must make a trade license that is approved by Government.
To get the membership of BGMEA you have to apply.
When you will apply for membership a investigator will be sent from BGMEA. When the investigation will be completed you will get the certificate from BGMEA.

With the application of yours you have to attached one copy of your trade license, partnership contract copy, two pictures of passport sizes, tax certificate copy, if you have bank certificates copy then also give it. You have to fee 15000 taka for register fee as well as 1 year membership fee 8000 taka. In total you have to give 23000 taka. After one years you have to renew your membership again.

If you are not registered by BGMEA then you will face trouble when continue your business.

For doing well in this business you must need well skill in English language. If anyone want to start buying house business in Bangladesh then he/she must have to gain all of the above points.

Here is an example of successful buying agent in Bangladesh and it is BD wear. One of the largest buying agent in Bangladesh and they are playing very vital role from last 2008 and yet.

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