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Bangladesh Clothing Manufacturer & Trading Company

How We Help?

Bangladesh Wear (BD Wear) is one of the leading and top clothing companies that manufacture and supply export quality T-shirts, Polo shirts, Denim, sweaters, pullovers, jackets, trousers, gabardine pants, brief, boxer, lingerie, swimming suit, jogging suit, night wear, pillow covers and all other garment items including men’s and women’s wear, kids apparel and garment accessories. It keeps up with the standard of the modern world by offering a very competitive price for all of our customers.

We, at BD Wear, are a garments manufacturing and trading company that originated from Bangladesh. Our company is experienced with all kinds of garment items especially men’s and women’s apparel, kids, under garments, knitwear and accessories as well. We’ve owned different types of manufacturing unit to work with for different types of garments. For example, manufacturing denim will be given to the professional & best denim manufacturer because we know who they are and who is the best at this point. We reduce your risk level.

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Deliver Quality Products

We deliver best quality T-shirts, Polo Shirts, Tank tops, cardigans, pull overs, skirts, jackets, sweaters, jeans/denim pants, gabardine pants, briefs, boxers, lingeries, swimming suits, jogging suits, night wears and of course baby wears. Our minimum order quantity is 5000 pieces where 500 pieces per color and style and we’ve guaranteed quality fabrics. As we expand our business through strategy over the years, we believe that price is a matter without compromising the quality

“Quality Assurance” is our business strategy. Ensuring the product quality is our top & No. 1 rule. All items are 100% quality assured by our well-experienced QC Team. To maintain 100% quality assurance, our QC follow up the entire production from yarn selection until packaging.

• We offer excellent customer service by providing prompt response and good communication support.

• We try to comply with on time delivery. Of course fast turnaround payback both of us.

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For Our Clients

We are very confident that we are the right trader and supplier that you are looking for to work with in Bangladesh for long term. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions you have. We are not afraid to be bothered.

We are truly honored and we would like to express our sincerest appreciation to you for spending your valuable time to visit our website thoroughly. You can give comments or inquiry in our comments section after each purchase or when you are ready to make an order from us. We appreciate any feedback because your opinion is valuable and can help us deliver better work for you in the future.

We are waiting for your response. We can be your best mate and be more than just a business partner. Feel free to contact us at the following numbers. Available: 24/7 We will get back to you as soon as possible as we get your inquiry.

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