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BD Wear is a vertically integrated garments factory in Bangladesh from men’s clothing, women clothing and Meaning, this group has consolidated all stages of production starting from knitting, dyeing, finishing to cutting, sewing and packing under one roof.

We take care of our clients

High-Quality clothing manufacturers in Bangladesh for small to large brands. Small quantity & private label clothing supplier. Our garments factory manufacture with your brands or logo. Business with our factory so Easy!

We believe that price is a matter without compromising the cloths quality. Tell us your cloths requirements, we will process your order on time with quality.

Among a lot of garments clothing manufacturing factories BD wear is one of the reliable clothing manufacturer.

Manufacturing Areas

Men's Clothing

Get Men's Wear from top supplier and manufacturer for garments in Bangladesh. We're fast growing export manufacturer of apparel and textiles.

Sports Wear

Flexible Production to Customize Your Brand and Suit your Need in Markets! We offer great sportswear apparel manufacturing options and competitive pricing!

Women's Clothing

Many years golden history of making the customer happy by shipping finest quality apparels for women.

Winter Wear

Our inventory offers cheap winter clothes manufactur for women, men, and all genders From kids winter clothes to unisex and women's fashion, we have you covered with what you need.

Kid's Clothing

We're manufacturing kids clothing for nearly a decade, providing consistency & quality deliverables to our clients from all over the world.


We manufacture all types of uniforms, If you are interested in our Company then we can manufacture for you professional and high-quality uniforms on order directly in our factory.

Kamruzzaman, CEO

We Guarantee Our Quality

We take pride in our standards and integrity, Professional Manufacture and have stricter-than-industry-standard quality checks in place.
we have been growing up as a comprehensive integrated enterprise that can provide the services from fabric collecting, style design to manufacturing with strong quality control.

Why Choose Us

Professional Team

We’re always ready to help, and our teams with you at every step of the way—that means with us, you’ll never be alone through your manufacturing journey.

One-Stop Shop

From garments to custom tags and packaging, get everything you need made under one roof with us. That means everything in under one roof and without giving you any hassle.

Great Price

Whatever your product is, our factory makes it simple to combine, rearrange and that means you will get most affordable price around the globe.

Skilled Workforce

We believe that our employees and our management are the main strength of our success. Becoming to quality manufacturer in the journey wouldn’t have been possible without our skilled worker and team expertise to make the best quality products.

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