Jeans Manufacturer In Bangladesh

Jeans Manufacturer In Bangladesh

The garments of Bangladesh are impressively making its way to the new era of the modern world. The garment factories work hard to meet the demands of different kinds of manufactured dresses which Bangladesh is fast becoming known for. It also helped create a lot of jobs for the unemployed to augment the needs of their daily life. The garments contribute largely to the national revenue of Bangladesh. Manufacturing branded jeans is one of them. Here are some established brands that have chosen to manufacture their brand in Bangladesh.

BW Denim Company

Our Denim Company is one of the greatest jeans company in Bangladesh. It has made different kinds of jeans and dresses that are suitable for all ages. For the young generation this company has made different styles of jeans. Foremost among their line of garment products are men’s jeans, ladies jeans, kids jeans, bell boot cut jeans, ladies fitting jeans etc.


Lee has established its name worldwide and became one of the most popular signature brands of choice in Bangladesh. It has also succeeded in gaining a league of satisfied clients who rave about its features, durability, and brand integrity. Their trusted line of products ranges from, overalls, jeans (heritage, zippered, classic 101, Skyler, etc.) jackets, and colored pants.


Of all the renowned jeans company, Levis is one of the greatest and most patronized companies in Bangladesh. It has made different styles and designs in denim. This brand is more luxurious than any other jeans company in Bangladesh. It has captured the young and old generations alike with its cool brand, superb fitting, and long lasting quality. It has a wide range of gorgeous, hip design, and cool styles to choose from in jeans starting with men’s and ladies jeans, shirts, shorts, jackets, kid’s apparel, belts and other denim accessories.


Wrangler is another good brand of jeans that is making its waves into the Bangladesh garment industry. It is a reputable company and has successfully established its brand in the country. Its jeans became more distinguished for its best fit and style. The comfort of the garments is immeasurable and truly satisfying. In addition they have a range of jeans products, styles and designs that people has grown to love and choose to buy over other top brands in Bangladesh.


Most users trust Diesel jeans for its durability and comfort. Like other renowned jeans manufacturing company, it has also contributed to offering different design of ready-made jeans. Many celebrities use and endorse this brand and believe in its unparalleled quality and innovative designs. It also has a wide range of styles and jeans to choose from that will cater to men, women, and kids.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is one of the world renowned brands that make a good presence in the jeans market of Bangladesh. It is considered a luxurious brand of jeans and although a bit expensive, it is comfortable and gives the best fit than other ready-made jeans. The company does not only manufacture jeans, it also creates fashionable jackets and accessorized denim ensemble to cater to its fashionable, sophisticated, and elite clients.
Relying on the reputations and integrity of these jean manufacturing companies, the economy of Bangladesh also greatly improves as the kind of garment and textile quality of Bangladesh lands in the global market.