Import T-shirts from Bangladesh Factory

BD Wear is one of the top export quality garments manufacturer and supplier in Bangladesh. If you want to get top quality products at cheapest cost then Import T-shirts from Bangladesh. We supply and export fresh order, stocklot of T-Shirt from our country with the best quality as well as most competitive price. We have acquired a reputation throughout the worldwide clothing industry as one of the leading factories in Bangladesh for our commitment to timely delivery, quality, and total value.


Why We Are The Best?

BD Wear is number one garments factory in the world. We have been contributing extremely in the financial growth of the nation for many years. Because we have always been committed in providing our customers with the highest quality Fabrics and Garments for more than 25 years. We provide an extensive diversity of production possibilities for our customers. We ensure that quality product is delivered. BD Wear are focused on using innovative processes, technologies and materials to manufacture the finest products at a reasonable cost.

BD Wear is extremely quality-conscious apparel manufacturer in Bangladesh. We make sure the buyer gets the product as per demand with great quality and best price. We strives to achieve global standards in quality, cost, service and scale of operation. We bring different choices in the ranges of the products according to buyer need. We always strive to maintain this position by way of continuous innovation for more effective business solution.

Where Is The Market For Our Products?

Globally, leading apparel manufacturers are coming up with much needed functional solutions. As a professional manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler and exporter, we supply high quality T-shirts worldwide. We have many client around the world. Especially BD Wear, one of the top clothing companies in Bangladesh exporting to USA and Europe, Canada, Middle East and some significant Asian countries for a long time. Our priority is to make you enjoy the best value for money with the sole purpose of establishing a true relationship of trust.

What Types of T-shirt We Manufacture?

BD Wear has the capability to provide every solution for any apparels products. We are the most reliable manufacturer and distributor of T-shirts. BD Wear has earned name and fame both at home and abroad as one of the top T-shirts companies in Bangladesh. We are the manufacturer of several types of T-shirts, following are the most popular types of T-shirts manufacture our agency:

Athletic T-Shirts
Baseball T-Shirts
Big and Tall Long Sleeves T-Shirts
Big and Tall Short Sleeves T-Shirts
Corporate T-Shirts
Customized T-Shirts
Camp Shirt
Cold shoulder T-Shirts
Cap sleeves T-Shirts
Denim T Shirt
Gym T-Shirts
High neck t-shirts
Henley T-Shirts
Organic Cotton T-shirts
Polo T- Shirts
Promotional T-Shirts
Pocket T-Shirts
No Pocket T-Shirts
Long Sleeve T-Shirts
Short Sleeve T-Shirts
Raglan & Baseball T-Shirts
Ringer T-Shirts
Sublimation T-Shirts
V-Neck T-Shirts

Our Strength:

1. High Level of Management.
2. Quality Assurance And Quality Control.
3. Award Winning Team.
4. Experienced Designer.
5. Seven Washing Plants.
6. Guarantee your Satisfaction.
7. Efficient Packaging Industry.
8. Committed To Supporting Customers.
9. Secure Online Ordering.
10. No Hassle Returns.

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