Mens Leisurewear Manufacturer Bangladesh

If you are looking for quality Mens Leisurewear Manufacturer in Bangladesh, A wide collection of weaves portrays polo shirts and T-shirts overhauled with sewing detail and bit of dress washing for a comfortable and contemporary look. We can stamp your bits of garments using machine embroidery, woven distinguishing pieces of proof, high temperature exchange trades, and screen-printing.


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Relaxed Leisurewear: Our creation system is composed to respond quickly to your worries, whether you request help with a specific process or pick us to transport total clothing turnaround. The result is the fair value and robust performance customers need in this serious business segment.

Wools and Waterproofs: BD Wear’ has a mastery in fleeces and waterproofs giving astounding comfort and dynamic execution. Joining improvements in breathability, fabric wicking, anti-moisture, and drop-linings, we ensure your brand legitimacy is kept up for persevering quality and worth.

Our commitment to innovative fabric headway ensures significantly solid garments that move complete trust for useful and amusement purposes. The strict quality control achieves leisurewear that passes on its certification without fall and inside the allocated financial allowance.

Active Wear: BD Wear is a trail blazing leader in fabric change, we produce anti- bacterial, water and stain repellent activewear bits of dress including foundation layers, track pants and separates, intended for admirable execution from practice to golf wear. Our wide sourcing and amassing capability ensures that we accomplish cost-profitable movement without sacrificing quality.

Versatile Products For The Competitive Market
Detached leisurewear including Polo Shirts and Sweats
Durable and Active wears including
Waterproofs and Fleeces
Base layer textiles and Weaves
Stringent creation and testing rules
A full Stretch out of Branding and Accessory Work

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