Division of Westics LTD

Westics LTD is the name of trusted and authorized garments manufacturing and producing company in Bangladesh. We are available to serve the value of our buyers to reduce manufacturing cost. It is only possible by us because we have our own manufacturing and cost effective production services on our factory. We are not only save buyers money but also save their time and required product quality. We believe in reliability, work of efficiency, applying experience and try something innovative.

Division of Poly Bag

Division of Poly Bag Our poly bag division has been produces both types of poly bag like PP and PE. We have four machines to produce poly bags. Two of them are used to produce PP and the other Two are used for PE poly bag. We have our own poly bag printer which is able to print 4 colors at a time. Westics LTD has every necessary machineries like side sealing, bottom cutting etc to make our poly bag section complete. We are continuously update our poly bag division as per buyer demand.

Division of Embroidery

Westics LTD has our own sorts of embroidery on T-shirts, pants, knit wears, stickers and so many things. Creating perfect discs of embroidery for buyer based on their design is our specialty. We have German made embroidery machineries which are consisting of 20 head each and able to perform nine colors at a time. We are always select best type of machineries by following buyer terms and requirement.

Division of Packaging

Westics LTD is produces every types packaging services to export product safely. Product safety is our main priority when we are packing. Each of our packing boards have different sizes specially suitable for every types of products. We are able to supply PP belt, Gum Tape and scotch tape to covering product when packing before export.

Division of Printing

Westics LTD are able to manufacture printing garments products like printing jackets, cartons with label, knitted items and many more. At present our company have four printing table each of the table is 40 feet length. We are working to increase printing table so that we can expand our production label. We are able to provide exact design which is providing bu our buyers. We believe in quality not quantity.

Woven Accessories

Accessories Woven Labels:

We’ve concern manufacturer for labels like Satin, Taffeta, and Needle Loom.

Printed Care Labels:

Adhesive care labels, Pure edge woven satin care labels, Coated fabric labels.

Printed Bar code / Hang Tags / Swing Tickets:

Self adhesive Bar Code tickets, Hang Tags, self adhesive shipping labels.

Rubber Patches:

Sample and final artwork based Rubber Patches.

Poly Bags:

B O P P, P P, P E, P E – H D, P E – L D and much more printed poly bags.

Print Solution:

We provide and support all kinds of print solution like Stone Print, Flock Print, Sticker Print, Foil Print, Discharge Reverse Print, Metallic Print, Spray Print, Silicone Gel Print, Discharge Print, Photo Print, Glitter Print, Plastisol Print, High Density Print, Rubber Print, Puff Print, Pigment Print, Direct Print, Sublimation Print, and Screen Print.

Embroidery Solution:

We also provide and support all kinds of embroidery solution like Cross Stitch, Chain Stitch, Stem Stitch, Running Stitch, Back Stitch, Straight Stitch, Kantha Stitch, Coughing, Bullion Knots, and French Knots.